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  • Will you be leasing for the Fall 2020 season?
    Yes, we have already begun leasing our units for Fall 2020, and at most properties are nearly complete with our lease-up.
  • What happens if Fall Quarter is not in person?
    We understand that many residents have concerns about returning to campus for the upcoming Summer and Fall Quarter. We have received notice that many residents plan to return to Campus this Fall, however, if you prefer to not move in you will need to notify your leasing office as soon as possible. Information about what is happening on campus is changing rapidly, and our latest understanding is that even with virtual classes, there may still be some in-person labs and/or small group requirements on campus. We encourage you to check with your academic department about how the coming instructional period will work for your specific circumstances.
  • What happens if I want to break my lease?
    We believe in the long term health of our student communities, and plan to be here long after this COVID-19 crisis has passed. We will work with you to release you from your contractual obligations, by marketing your apartment or bed-space for lease, at no additional cost assuming the fall semester is online only. Once we are able to secure a replacement for your lease, we will be able to fully void your rental agreement. This is contingent on demand in the market, which is why we strongly suggest that you let us know as soon as possible to have the best chances to find a new resident for your lease.
  • What else can I do in the interim if I plan on coming back in January, but potentially not the Fall?"
    Your best bet if you think you may have housing needs later in the year, is to find a subleaser for the Fall Quarter. If you are on a joint lease with roommates, it is very important to talk to your entire group before entering a sublease agreement. You can request a form from our office that will assist you in making a short term rental agreement. Please refer to that document for additional specific information about the subleasing process.
  • What are the chances of finding a subleaser or replacement for my upcoming lease?
    While we cannot guarantee anything, the latest information from the University indicates that there will be a major reduction in available on-campus housing for the Fall. This means that there may be a large influx of potential renters who need to find other housing options for the coming year, which is why we suggest letting us know about your plans, or starting to search for a subleaser as quickly as possible. Our office will also be in touch directly with the University to let them know about available housing options that become available in our properties to assist in finding new residents.
  • Will I be responsible for the rent while you try to find a sublessee for my space?
    Yes, you will be responsible for the payment of rent from the time the lease starts until a sublessee is identified and has signed a new lease or sublease.
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